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About Membership

The WCKC is a Working Membership Club.   Without active members, our meetings and events cannot take place.   All members are required to commit to our events and club-related activities and projects.

  1. Prospective members must be residents of Worcester County, MA.
  2. Each prospective member is required to have worked at previous WCKC events before application submittal.  
  3. Each application is reviewed by the membership committee.  
  4. Applications for which the membership requirements have been fulfilled are presented to the general forum.  
  5. Each membership is presented to the club at the first meeting after being received for consideration, in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws.  
  6. The application is then voted on at the following meeting.  
  7. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the applicant, along with a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, the Working Rules of the club, and an updated membership list.